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I wasn’t down with the mainstream, Baby. And neither were you. Punk rock was a fashion show, so what the hell could you do? We never had any goddamned movement. We were just rock’n’roll bands. And pulling our heads out from our asses never figured into our plans. So, whaddya wanna do now? Keep milking out that cash cow? Stride out anew, or stay tried and true? There’s still hell to pay. So, whaddya wanna do next? Can you remain in context? And affect change or just rearrange that same old shit from yesterday? I hung out with the rebels, Baby. They all looked the same. They all wore the uniform and carried the rulebook in the game. It transcends any punk rock song ‘cause stupid is as stupid does. We never made any goddamned progress. The same as it ever was.
Our neighbours to the south have been living hand to mouth. And they’re running out of oil, so they’re looking to our soil. Alberta’s got the dirty gold to stave off the bitter cold. The economy, it will implode to keep the cars out on the road. They’re looking north. They’re coming fast. Enduring presence, the kind that lasts. Manifest Destiny! They want to seize the Arctic Sea. See the drones? Start running. Flee your homes and start running. They’ll concoct some brand new lies as black choppers fill the skies To liberate Canadians and not the Middle East again. You tell me it can’t happen here and hoist a patriotic beer. But, you know they own that too. A stolen soul sold back to you.
We went down to the rock’n’roll show. We bug our friends just to get ‘em to go. A thunderclap and a sonic boom! Break the hearts and ears in the room. We’re so hip with a massive pelvis. There’s no way that you’re going to shelve us. Giant balls so we struggle with pants. Kick your ass ‘til you shake it and dance. ‘Cause we rock hard, and you rock hard! Our milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. But we rock harder than you do. We went down to the rock’n’roll show. Our weak friends never bother to go. I want your coffee and Blue wants your beers. Staying one note ahead of our peers. We don’t care ‘cause we’re still having fun. The Human Tornado Show has begun. Sardonic wit with guitar, bass and drums. We give it all when you can’t handle some.
I see them rising up from ‘neath their watery graves. Drifting up in silence like the mist on the waves. Searching for some sticky rice and new galley slaves. It’s going to take some knight to fend off these knaves. They want to scoop my brains, pull my head from my neck. Zombie ninja pirates! What the hell? What the heck? Listen for the thumping of the peg legs on deck. Recklessly, they drag along a dragon boat wreck. Yo ho ho! Threat from the deep! Yo ho ho! I just can’t sleep. Even the weakest runner can escape a slow walker So there ain’t too much to fear that comes from Davy Jones’ Locker. This Norwegian Blue is just a mummified squawker And a crusty, Asian seaman is the worst kind of stalker. I don’t know how they got here from the seas of the East. Did they ride the Kraken, or some sea beast at least? They’re ravenous for neurons since their surface life ceased But I still need my brain so I’ll ruin the feast.


Nation of Wiggler !?!

Wiggler !?! and the Tiny Humans are very pleased to present Scornucopia for your listening pleasure. This is the first EP from Wiggler !?! and the Tiny Humans together, and it’s the most ass shaking thing Wiggler !?! has ever recorded. We love you all, but this is for your own good. It’s going to hurt us more than it will hurt you.

Thank you to our tiny families, the Nation of Wiggler !?!, Adelleda, the Responsibles, Rackula, Web Society, Burnin’ Ethyl, the Pre Nods, Nothing Helper, Slender Loris, At What Cost, Nathaniel and Kristine at Thunder zine, Lou Molinaro & This Ain’t Hollywood, The Casbah, Rodrigo & Piranha, Crash Landing, Hammer City Records, Hammer City Roller Girls, Rowdy Rowdy Refs, Ric Taylor and this.is.underground.radio on CFMU 93.3FM, Red White and Argyle, caffeine, quantization, Telecasters and anyone else we have forgotten.

This EP is Wiggler !?! #9
© 2012 Third Nipple World Domination (SOCAN)


released November 23, 2012

Recorded at the Sewer Studio, Ontario, in autumn 2012.
Produced and engineered by TinyRedHuman with “duly noted” commentary from TinyBlueHuman and Mr! Erik.

Cover art by Steve Vos of Stay Asleep Bookings.

Contact Wiggler !?! at wiggler@wiggler.ca

Wiggler !?! and the Tiny Humans is:
Mr! Erik - Vocals, guitar and frantic antics.
TinyBlueHuman - Bass, vocals, and ass-kicking swagger.
TinyRedHuman - Drums, vocals, and benevolent dictatorship.


all rights reserved



Wiggler & the Tiny Humans Lebanon

Founded in Vancouver, BC in 1993, relocated to Hamilton, ON from 2005-2017, and currently in Lebanon, ON, Wiggler !?! expanded to add the Tiny Humans in 2010. Then, the off beat punk rock lost the new wave flavour and picked up a rockabilly influence. Fast, high-energy, clever and very entertaining. ... more

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